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The science of retroreflectivity is all around us. Every street sign we pass, every highway sign we see is made more visible by the advances in retroreflectivity.


Put simply, retroflectivity is how effectively and efficiently light is reflected back to its source - most critically - vehicle headlights.


The more visible you are to drivers, the better.


Reflaero’s Winglets and Ringlets use a proprietary technology that harnesses retroflectivity in a way no other product on the market does. 


Retroreflectivity increases visibility by returning light to vehicles' headlights using precision optics.  


Fluorescence technology is an important way to increase visibility during daylight riding.  


Fluorescent materials have a unique property that converts light energy in the invisible spectrum and makes it visible - literally outputting more visible light than reflects off the surface.  


When you see spectacularly bright objects in the sunlight, it's the chemistry at the molecular level that is doing the work to make them visibly brighter than ordinary objects in the riding environment.  

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Bike Winglet_2Night.jpg


Beyond visibilty, good conspicuity means that drivers can more readily identify a cyclist, their direction, distance, position in time to safely accommodate the rider. The environment or “backdrop” for the rider can be highly variable in terms of weather, color, light conditions and angle of approach/line of sight. So, a more conspicuous cyclist and bike can greatly aid the motorist’s detection of the bike against this backdrop. Nothing is more dangerous than fading into the background when you or your loved ones are out doing the thing they love.


Conspicuity is how well you can be seen. High conspicuity means the rider gets noticed. Conspicuity is at the heart of Reflaero’s mission. To make cyclists seen, no matter the environment.

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