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How do you pronounce Reflaero?

Reflaero is pronounced re-flare-o.

What materials provide Reflaero products' performance?

Reflaero™ products are made with 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ Fluorescent Reflective Traffic Sign Sheeting. Designed to enhance conspicuity during daylight hours, it is especially visible at dawn, dusk, during poor daylight and in adverse weather conditions, in addition to nighttime reflective performance at all sight distances (short, medium, and long) with excellent visibility at wide angles.

Do I need special tools to assemble the Winglet or Ringlet bicycle reflector?


No tools required. Products are attached to the spoke or wheel rim with pressure sensitive adhesive.

Does the Winglet work on any bicycle?


Yes. The Winglet is designed to enhance most bicycles and is compatible with both caliper and disc brakes.

Does the Ringlet work on any bicycle?


No. The Ringlet's placement on the wheel rim requires the bicycle to have disc brakes. 

Note: In bicycles with caliper brakes and a very wide wheel rim, where the product can be applied so that the calipers are not touching the area where the Ringlet is applied, it can be used.​ 

What makes reflaero bicycle reflectors different?


Ease of use and undeniable visual impact. Our products require no tools to install and once applied, last for years. Reflects ~2X the amount of light as standard reflectors.

The fluorescent and retroreflective features make them especially visible at dawn, dusk, during poor daylight and in adverse weather conditions.​


Can I use the Winglet and Ringlet with other bike reflectors?


We strongly recommend that every cyclist adhere to the state and federal regulations for bicycle reflectors.  Check with your state Department of Transportation/Public safety for the regulations in your area.  The Winglet and Ringlet provide excellent visibility and can enhance the other bicycle visibility accessories. 

What is "conspicuity"? How do you pronounce it?


Conspicuity is pronounced kuhn-spik-yoo-i-tee.

Conspicuity is the property of being clearly discernible. The state or quality of being clear or bright. 

Does reflaero make any additional products?


We have several other products currently in development. We are excited to provide the same level of design and science-first principles in the months to come.

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