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How do you pronounce Reflaero?

Reflaero is pronounced re-flare-o.

Do I need special tools to assemble the Winglet or Ringlet bicycle reflector?


No. No assembly is required.


Does the Winglet only work on specialty or high-end bicycles?


No. The Winglet is designed to enhance every bicycle, no matter the make, model, or size.

Does the Ringlet work on any bicycle?


No. The Ringlet's placement on the wheel rim requires the bicycle to have disc brakes.

Can I use the Winglet and Ringlet with other bike reflectors?


We encourage everyone to use the visibility products that make them feel confident on the road. The Winglet and Ringlet provide better visibility than any other product on the market and is compatible with other available products.

What makes reflaero bicycle reflectors different?


Ease of use and undeniable visual impact. Our products require no tools to install and once applied, last for years without the need for battery charging. They also incorporate the principles of fluorescence and retro reflectivity more effectively than outdated reflectors.


Does reflaero make any additional products?


We have several other products currently in development. We are excited to provide the same level of design and science-first principles in other pieces of cycling gear in the months to come.

What is "conspicuity"? How do you pronounce it?


Conspicuity is pronounced kuhn-spik-yoo-i-tee.

Conspicuity is the property of being clearly discernible. The state or quality of being clear or bright. 

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