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Conventional bike reflector technology, known as plastic cube corner reflectors, was developed in the 1950s and not much has changed since then.  Reflaero emerged from the idea that cyclists should have access to the same technology available to traffic engineers and first responders.


Fluorescence during the Day

Our fluorescent materials boast the extraordinary ability to convert invisible light energy into visible light, making them exceptionally noticeable during daylight, dawn, and dusk.
Retroreflective at Night
This proprietary reflective material, harnessing retro-reflectivity, is ingeniously engineered for maximum visibility under low-light and nighttime conditions. Amplifying your presence under vehicle headlights is our prime objective. Highly reflective at wide angles for enhanced visibility by motorists.

The micro-prismatic, fluorescent reflective technology used in Reflaero conspicuity markings is the best and brightest reflective technology available and is combined with designs based on human factors.


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