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behind amplifying your Road Presence

Road presence is created when cyclists are intentional about improving their ability to be visible to motorists during all conditions of lighting and weather.

We have thoughtfully designed Reflaero™ products to improve conspicuity, using the right materials, with the right design, applied to the right location for the cyclist.

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Road Presence


for Nighttime

Retroreflectivity is the optical process of reflecting light back to its source - most critically - vehicle headlights at night. Reflaero Winglets and Ringlets use proprietary technology with precision optics and over 40,000 cubes per square inch. 


our Mission

High conspicuity means that drivers can more readily see and identify a cyclist, judge their direction, distance, position in time to accommodate the rider. Conspicuity has been incorporated into Reflaero products design and application to improve how well you can be seen. 


for Day, Dusk, Dawn

Fluorescence increases visibility during daylight, dusk, and dawn riding. Reflaero products use fluorescent technology, which has the unique property that converts light energy in the invisible spectrum and makes it visible - literally making them visibly brighter than ordinary objects in the daytime and low light riding environment.  

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