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behind amplifying your Road Presence

Road presence™ 24/7 is created when cyclists are intentional about improving their ability to be visible to motorists during all conditions of lighting and weather.

We have carefully designed Reflaero™ products to amplify Road Presence, using the right materials, with the right design, applied to the right location for the cyclist.

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Road Presence


for Nighttime

Retro-reflectivity is how effectively and efficiently light is reflected back to its source - most critically - vehicle headlights at night. Reflaero™ Winglets and Ringlets use proprietary technology with precision optics, that harnesses retroflectivity in a way no other product on the market does, to increase visibility.


our Mission

Good conspicuity means that drivers can more readily identify a cyclist, their direction, distance, position in time to accommodate the rider.. Conspicuity has been incorporated into Reflaero™ products design and application to improve how well you can be seen.


for Day, Dusk, Dawn

Fluorescence increases visibility during daylight, dusk, and dawn riding. Reflaero™ products use fluorescent materials, which have a unique property that converts light energy in the invisible spectrum and makes it visible - literally making them visibly brighter than ordinary objects in the riding environment.  

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