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Installation Instructions - Reflaero Winglets

Reflaero Winglets are designed with 3M   Diamond Grade Conspicuity Materials and have a pressure sensitive adhsive that can beo be applied with an ambient temperature between

35 F (7 C) and 100 F (38C).  Follow the instructions below for best results.

Surface Preparation - Wash spoke with detergent and water to remove dirt and road film.  Wipe with a solvent wipe such as isopropyl alcohol and allow to air dry.

Application to Spokes - Winglet must be ⅛ inch away from spoke adjuster toward outer perimeter of wheel.  With release liner still in place, fold the winglet in half along the vertical and match up the edges exactly.  Next, using the quick tab remove the release liner and the tab.  Align the open 3 open half circles on the spoke and once in position, firmly squeeze the two sides together.  For best aerodynamics, align the Winglet so that the leading or spoke edge is forward.   Repeat for 2 or more Winglets.

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